Diabetic Retinal Evaluation

Diabetic Retinal Evaluation is a comprehensive examination that should be done at least annually for all tightly controlled diabetic patients. Because there are so many levels to diabetes and the health of diabetics, ocular examinations should be performed for these patients in conjunction with their visits to their Primary care physicians in order to better monitor and treat each patient based on obvious ocular and systemic presentations.

The main reasons these exams are necessary are because there are certain signs an eye specialist can see that can assist the Primary care physician in determining a patient’s blood sugar stability. This is why regular examinations are recommended for all diabetic patients.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy include:

Reduced vision due to swelling within the retina

Intermittent or constant blur due to swelling in the lens

Sudden reduction or darkened vision due to a hemorrhage present within line of sight

Floaters may also be present or noticed if there is a history of large hemorrhages

There are multiple levels of diabetes such as being insulin-dependent or non-insulin dependent. Also a patient with diabetic retinopathy can have proliferative retinopathy or not. There are also multiple levels in which to grade retinopathy. Please be aware of your level because your sight and your life depends on it.

Ask your eyecare professional where you stand at your current blood sugar level.

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